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If you’re using Groups in your course to organize your students for assignments or projects, you can create group-restricted discussion topics and threads only accessible to group members.

NOTE: If you have not already created groups, do that first.

  1. Choose the forum in which you want to create group-restricted topics, E.g. Group Project Forum (or create a new Forum by clicking New > New Forum)
  2. Click the dropdown menu in the selected forum and select Add Topic
  3. Give the topic a title, choose a grade item, if applicable, and write a description for your Topic
  4. Click Availability Dates and Conditions on the right hand side to expand it, and click Manage Restrictions
  5. Click Restrict topic and separate the threads
  6. From the Group Category of Section dropdown, choose your pre-created group category
  7. Click Add
  8. The topic will be created, along with a thread for each group that only that group can access
  9. Click Save and Close or Save

Note: When using Group Topics, it is not possible to associate all group topics for a group category to a single Grade Item. If you wish to use Assessment with Group Discussion Topics, contact EdTech for assistance in setting up a workaround.

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