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You can subscribe to specific discussion forums, topics, or threads. You can see notifications of new messages in the mini navigation bar, or you can choose to receive notification by email or text message.

  • Make changes to your subscriptions in the Subscriptions area of Discussions
  • Make changes to your notifications settings in the profile dropdown menu on the Mini Navigation Bar

Subscribing to a Forum,Topic or Thread

  1. To subscribe to a Forum or Topic
    • from the dropdown menu beside the item name, select Subscribe
    • you will be prompted to customize how you wish to receive notifications for the Forum or Topic
    • Click Subscribe to complete the action
    • Important Note: if you choose to subscribe to a Forum, you will automatically be subscribed to all topics in that forum
  2. To unsubscribe from a Forum or Topic, choose Unsubscribe from the dropdown menu next to the Forum or Topic
  3. When you create a new thread, check the Subscribe to this thread box to subscribe
  4. You can also subscribe to any existing thread by clicking Subscribe
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NOTE: You can also see subscription notifications under the Subscription Alerts icon at the top of the screen.

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Managing your Subscriptions

  1. To manage all subscriptions, click the Subscriptions link in the Discussions area
  2. Choose which subscriptions you want to manage from the dropdown list
  3. Choose your default Notification Method; if you do not wish to receive email or text messages by default, choose “Show notifications in navigation area only”
  4. Otherwise, choose whether you wish to receive instant notifications or a daily summary of activity. 
    • Note: This changes only the “default” selection. You are provided with the option to change your default notification method for a forum or topic each time you choose to subscribe to one.
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Selecting your Notifications Settings

You can choose how you wish to receive notifications of Discussion subscriptions through the Notification Settings area. In the notifications area, you can:

  • Provide an email address or mobile number for notifications
  • Choose whether to receive a summary of activities daily, or never
  • Choose which type of content (including Discussions) to receive notifications for, and by what method

You can also control Discussions notifications from the Subscriptions tab in the Discussions tool.

By default, email notifications will go to your langara.ca email. To send notifications to a different email, click change your notification settings.

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