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The Quizzes tool enables you to create and manage points-measured assessments. As part of your quantifiable assessment procedures, you can use quizzes to help evaluate users’ learning progress and learning outcomes. Create and manage quiz questions from the Question Library, and organize quizzes into categories to make it easier to find assessments with similar or related content.

Articles under Quizzes

  • Import Questions into the Question Library
  • Grading Quizzes
  • Restricting Quizzes to Specific Users or Special Access for Students
  • Submitting a Quiz Attempt in Progress
  • How to Restore a Deleted Quiz Attempt
  • New Quiz Experience
  • Retake Quiz with Incorrect Questions Only
  • Create a New Quiz
  • Quiz Questions
  • Manage Quizzes Tab
  • Recording and Playing Back Audio in Quizzes and Assignments
  • The Brightspace Question Library
  • Setting up Quiz Accommodations
  • Adding time to a Quiz in progress
  • Editing Quizzes with Student Attempts
  • Quiz statistics and Attempt logs
  • How to Preview a Quiz
  • Regular Expressions
  • Video Tutorials