Other Tools

The items below are either accessed via Course Admin & Other on the Brightspace navbar, or are integrated features of Brightspace that don’t have their own settings pages.

Articles under Other Tools

  • Brightspace Built-In Help
  • Logging Out
  • Course Home
  • Student Role View (“View as Student”)
  • Availability and Release Conditions
  • Selecting Course Tools
  • The Brightspace Question Library
  • Copy Content from Another Course
  • Sharing Content Between Instructors
  • Exporting Course Content to Share
  • Importing External Content
  • Setting Your Course to Active
  • Copyright and Online Instruction
  • How Brightspace Courses Are Created
  • Chat
  • Course Banner Image
  • The Brightspace Editor
  • Delete activity from course
  • Recording and Playing Back Audio in Quizzes and Assignments
  • Self Registration
  • The Attendance Tool
  • Manage Dates
  • Notifications