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Brightspace’s email tool is an interface with the Langara Outlook email system.

Contacting Your Students Before Classes Start

You can use the Brightspace email tool to send email to students before the semester has started. It will be sent to their Langara email address, and any responses will come to your Langara Outlook email inbox.

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Brightspace Send-Only Email

As of December 2019, it is no longer possible to receive email messages in Brightspace. You can still compose and send messages, and your message will be sent from your Langara Office365 email address and sent to your recipient’s Langara email address. Any correspondence from that point will take place within Langara’s Outlook email system.


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Sending a Message

In your course, go to My Tools > Classlist

  1. Check your pagination (at the bottom right) to make sure you’re seeing the whole classlist (the default is 20)
  2. Click the checkbox to the left of the name(s) of your desired recipient(s) (or click the top left checkbox to select everyone)
  3. Click Email
  4. This will open a Compose New Message new window with all of your recipients added
  5. Add a Subject, compose your email, and click Send

The message will be sent to your recipients’ Langara email account. If they reply, it will come to your Langara Office365 email only.

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Emailing Groups

See Emailing Groups.

Want to see email sent from Brightspace?

  1. Click on the Email icon
    brightspace email icon
  2. Click on the Sent Mail button
    the control buttons in the Brightspace email tool
  3. Click on a message to view it
    a message in the Brightspace email tool
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Brightspace Email Settings

Brightspace email settings have changed. To see your settings, click on the Email icon and click on Settings.

the brightspace email settings button

By default, all sent messages are saved in your Brightspace Sent folder. If you would also like a copy of sent messages sent to your Langara address, click the box next to “Send a copy of each outgoing message to” This will allow you to forward messages you’ve already sent, for example if you send a message to someone and later need to send the same message to someone else.

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