PD Playlist: Micro-Credentials

A Micro-credential is a specific type of credential that provides short duration, competency-based, and flexible learning experiences for both traditional and non-traditional learners (e.g., working professionals, mature students) who seek upskilling and/or reskilling for (mainly) the workplace. Micro-credentials are stand-alone, stackable, transferrable and align with industry, employer, community and/or Indigenous community needs. Thus, the development of micro-credentials involves the collaboration between learning institutions, industry and community partners.

To help anyone interested in learning about Micro-credentials, TCDC has compiled another “PD Playlist.” We’ve arranged the resources from “sound bite” to “radio play” to “extended dance mix” and “full LP.” Some options will take just a few minutes of your time while others will require a longer commitment.

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February PD Playlist

Sound Bites <10 minutes

How Micro-credentials Motivate Learners (podcast | 00:07:35)
Katie Sievers, a micro-credential and digital badge expert, discusses how micro-credentials can serve as physical proof of one’s knowledge and skills, grant social affiliation with a certain brand or community, and offer a lifelong learner’s tool for shaping their professional journey.

Exploring Postsecondary Student Awareness, Interest & Uptake of Micro-credentials (article | 00:06:00)
This Academica article unpacks the results of a 2023 student survey and discusses the findings and implications for the development of micro-credentials.

Radio Play <20 minutes  
BC Micro-credential Framework (guide| 00:18:29)
This Micro-credential Framework and set of Guiding Principles was developed by the B.C. Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training (the Ministry) as the first step in a process to develop and implement a coordinated and consistent approach to micro-credentials across British Columbia’s public post-secondary education system.

Extended Dance Mix <60 minutes

Making Sense of Micro credentials (webcast | 00:56:16)
Join Inside Higher Ed Editor Doug Lederman and Reporter Sara Weissman for a thought-provoking webcast that examines the emergent, chaotic credentialing landscape from a variety of angles and perspectives. To watch, sign in with your IHE credentials, create an account, or enter your professional contact information. Don’t forget to download and explore the companion booklet.

Full LP >1 hour

Transitions: A Competency Approach to Micro-credentials (webinar | 01:00:44)
Dr. Lena Patterson leads us into an exploration of important questions surrounding micro-credentials and the transition between education and workspaces, specifically why competencies are at the heart of micro-credentials and why it is important that they are. Woven into Dr. Patterson’s presentation are the topics of equity, access and opportunity in higher education.

Competency Framework (webinar | 01:10:00)
Dennis Green shines light on competencies, competency-based learning, and how to build and/or use competency frameworks to develop micro-credentials that are valuable, responsive and relevant in a rapidly changing world.

BCcampus Micro-credential Toolkit (eBook | 06:00:00)
This toolkit aims to support members of the B.C. post-secondary community who are developing micro-credentials. The toolkit compiles knowledge, resources, templates, and experiences from the sector and proposes lists of questions that practitioners can explore in laying down a solid foundation in their context.

TCDC will be hosting a few micro-credential information sessions in the Summer and Fall (dates to be announced). Keep an eye on our Professional Learning Events calendar and the Langara Post News and Events.

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