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New Instructor Resources

Congratulations on your appointment! Langara is a wonderful place to teach and learn, with lots of resources and support.  

The learning curve for new instructors is steep, so we’re here to help. 

Need assistance? TCDC can help.

How to Plan Your Course(s)

A Curriculum Consultant will work with you through this course-planning process:

  1. Understanding your course’s Learning Outcomes. (Please note that Learning Outcomes are official – you can’t change them without consulting your department Chair.)   
  2. Develop Assessments to demonstrate learning 
  3. Plan learning activities 
  4. Find resources and materials
  5. Organize the semester
  6. Create Lesson Plans

You can learn more about course design on our Course (Re)Design page.

External Teaching Resources

Overcoming the Impostor Syndrome: Advice for New Faculty (Reading time: 5 min) A great article to help you deal with the sense of inferiority and fraud that many new instructors experience. 

Helping New Faculty Thrive (Reading time: 5-10 min per article) This PDF includes 15 articles that will help you understand your students and successful, engaging ways to support their learning. 

Go2Knowledge and Magna Commons offer hundreds of webinars that can help you with many aspects of teaching and learning. Sign up with your Langara email for free access.

Teaching in Higher Ed produces a weekly podcast, blog posts and recommendations to help you be more effective at facilitating learning. 

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