Meet Our Team

Natalia Azize in a black shirt wearing headphones.

Natalia Azize

Curriculum Consultant

Clover Duong

Department Assistant (PT)

Bonnie Edwards

Resource Technician

Close up of Earl Einarson, Indigenization Specialist Curriculum Consultant, wearing a blue collared shirt with a blurred background of trees.

Earl Einarson

Curriculum Consultant,
Indigenization Specialist

Carmen with blonde, highlighted hair and blue eyes. She is wearing glasses on top of her head and is standing against a leafy background.

Carmen Larsen

Curriculum Consultant & Instructor,
Langara Return to Learning

Close-up of Julie, who has dark hair and is wearing a fuschia shirt.

Julie Longo

AVP Academic (Interim)

James in a restaurant, wearing glasses and looking up and over to the right side.

James Martin

Curriculum Consultant

Marcus Vianna

Administrative Coordinator, Office of the Associate Vice-President, Academic

Headshot of Shawna, who has short, light-coloured hair and is wearing a dark shirt with a colourful pattern of various shapes and letters.

Shawna Williams

Department Chair & Curriculum Consultant