A stylized, circuit-like brain encased in circular lines on a deep purple background. Various abstract shapes and icons related to technology and artificial intelligence surround the brain. White text to the right reads “Generative AI Community of Practice.

Invitation to Join the Generative AI Community of Practice 

The Teaching and Curriculum Development Centre is inviting instructors to join a new Generative AI (GenAI) Community of Practice. This community will be a hub for sharing AI related experiences, ideas, research and leading practices, and exploring innovative applications of GenAI at Langara College and in higher education. 

The community is welcome to all skill levels. Whether you are just beginning to explore the possibilities of GenAI or seasoned in leveraging its capabilities in educational settings, all contributions are valued and vital. 

Our first meeting will be held online on May 8, 2023 from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm and will feature:  

  • An opportunity to share experiences and insights from using specific AI tools for teaching and learning at Langara. 
  • A collaborative session to develop a structured plan for future meetings, including bringing forward topics for further exploration. 

Why Participate? 

Joining the Generative AI Community of Practice is an opportunity to collaborate with peers, share insights, navigate challenges, and contribute to the discussion on responsible, effective, and ethical use of GenAI for teaching and learning. 

We invite you to share your expertise, curiosity, and vision as we explore the possibilities that GenAI offers. 

Register for the May 8 inaugural meeting here or express your interest in being part of the Community of Practice by contacting Alex Samur at asamur@langara.ca by May 3. 

If you’re planning on attending, please take a moment to let us know more about you and your meeting preferences.