Langara Student Success Course

What We Do


  • Enroll all new Langara students in the LSSC

Get started​

  • Send out a welcome email with LSSC FAQ’s​
  • Offer optional class visit at start of the semester​


  • Host student info sessions​ & peer mentor sessions
  • Offer student hours by appointment​
  • Respond to discussion forums & surveys​
  • Communicate via announcements & email


  • Send out a course ending reminder 3 weeks before the semester ends​

Wrap up​

  • Collect students’ final grades and badge records

What Faculty Does


  • Plan how to incentivize the course with the LSSC team​


  • Announce the plan to students​


  • Forward student questions to us​​
  • Refer students to us


  • Find which students have received the badge in Class Progress on Brightspace​​

Meet the LSSC instructional team

Gurinder Chahal

Instructional Assistant (on leave)

Photo of Javtesh Bedi with a purple background. He has dark hair and is wearing a checkered, collared shirt.

Javtesh Bedi

Instructional Assistant

LSSC Student Ambassador Program

Beginning in Spring 2021, we began developing an LSSC Student Ambassador program with students who have successfully completed the LSSC and are interested in offering peer support and mentoring to new students. Our LSSC Student Ambassadors program is growing, and the roles of the ambassadors are expanding.

“Through a considered and compassionate approach, we collaborate to find answers to questions and concerns, inclusive of whom to contact if outside our scope of expertise.” 

-Gordon Janzen, LSSC Student Ambassador 

Course Data & Facts

Enrollment and Completion


The LSSC​ was developed


students​ are enrolled each semester


students have completed the LSSC​


of students completing the LSSC are doing so before their semester starts

LSSC and Student’s CGPA​

Students who have completed the LSSC have a higher CGPA than those who have not.

Spring 2018 – Spring 2023

Domestic students:
Passed – 3.09
Failed – 2.68
Did not participate – 2.42

International Students:
Passed – 3.18
Failed – 2.42
Did not participate – 2.23

LSSC Student Information Sessions

Since fall 2020, we have hosted optional synchronous LSSC student information and instructional sessions twice a week for the first few weeks of the course and semester. We collaborate with students and colleagues across the college to offer relevant and timely information for a strong start to the semester.

Number of Participants per Topic
  • What is the LSSC & Getting Ready for the Semester
  • 528
  • LSSC Student Ambassadors Panel
  • 409
  • Library & Learning Commons
  • 293
  • Academic Integrity
  • 219
  • Successful Groupwork Online
  • 217
  • Goal Setting: Preparing for Academic Success
  • 91
  • The Writing Centre
  • 68
  • Other student services
  • 257

*Data: Fall 2020 – Spring 2022

Safe and Inclusive Space Poster

The Langara Student Success Course is committed to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. We strive to make this a welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment for all learners.

This is a safe and inclusive space - Langara Student Success Course.

Testimonials from Instructors

Testimonials from Students

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