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PD Playlists: Options for self-paced professional learning

What’s your area of interest for professional learning and development? Check out the suggestions below to access a variety of modalities to enhance your knowledge and skills in particular areas. We draw upon existing Langara resources, webinars available through our Go2Knowledge and Magna memberships, BCcampus resources, and so on.  

Using the playlist theme, we’ve arranged the resources for each topic from “sound bite” to “radio play” to “extended dance mix” to “full LP”. Some options will take just a few minutes of your time whereas others will require a more in-depth commitment.  

If you have suggestions for other topics or resources to add to existing lists, please share your ideas with us at tcdc@langara.ca.  

*Some of the webinars listed require you sign up with your Langara email: Go2Knowledge instructions and Magna instructions. These webinars are indicated with an asterisk.

Note: Times listed are exact for videos and approximations for texts. 

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