Earl Einarson

Close up of Earl Einarson, Indigenization Specialist Curriculum Consultant, wearing a blue collared shirt with a blurred background of trees.

Indigenization Specialist, Curriculum Consultant

As the Indigenization Specialist, Curriculum Consultant, Earl provides expertise, support, and guidance in embedding an awareness of Indigenous ways of knowing, being, and doing into instruction and curriculum at Langara.
“My Masters research and paper was an exploration of the alignment/misalignment of the intersectionality of the prevailing western, Euro-centric educational approach, and Indigenous-informed Ways-of-Knowing and Knowledge transfer, and the invitation that both approaches may be informed by the other, and the possible opportunities this intersectionality contained.”

Earl holds a Masters in Learning and Technology, which is centered on leadership in Andragogical Theories and Technologically mediated learning, the B.C. Provincial Instructors Diploma, and a Master’s Certificate in Digital Development, along with over 25 years of experience working within adult education, with the last ten of those in leadership roles within Indigenous-informed Education.

Earl is a proud member of the Ktunaxa B.C. First Nations.

Earl Einarson
E: earleinarson@langara.ca