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PD Playlist: Resources for BC Academic Integrity Day

The International Centre for Academic Integrity (ICAI) is promoting information and resources to prevent and respond to contract cheating as we approach the seventh annual International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating on Oct. 19, 2022.  

This year, Langara College will be hosting the third annual BC Academic Integrity Day Oct. 14, 2022, to promote these concerns at a provincial level.   

To help anyone interested in learning about academic integrity, contract cheating, and preventative approaches to encourage academic integrity, the Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity along with TCDC have compiled the second in a series of monthly “PD Playlists.” We’ve arranged the resources from “sound bite” to “radio play” to “extended mix” to “full LP.” Some options will take just a few minutes of your time while others will require a longer commitment. We’ve also included some activities for students.  

Visit the TCDC site, to view the entire catalogue of PD Playlists 

October’s PD Playlist

Sound Bites <10 minutes  

Academic Integrity Part I: Protecting and Promoting Academic Integrity in a Virtual Environment (video | 00:07:12) and Academic Integrity Part II (video | 00:02:42)
Langara-created videos with tips for promoting academic integrity using authentic assessments, reflections, and self-evaluation. Part II offers strategies for developing teaching practices that promote academic integrity.  

Radio Play<20 minutes  

How Can Promoting Academic Integrity Improve Learning Outcomes for Students? (Magna Mentor Video | 00:16:51)
Learn expert strategies that encourage students to become effective learners with integrity. 

Extended Dance Mix <60 minutes 

Inside the Booming World Where Students Buy Custom Term Papers (Podcast |00:44:00) 

EdSurge podcast exploring why contract cheating is so common, what it says about our education system, and what can be done to curb the contract cheating industry. 

Full LP >1 hour  

Academic Integrity in Canada (e-book | 10:00:00)
This open access e-book edited by Sarah Eaton and Julia Christensen Hughes, leading researchers in the field of contract cheating in Canada, includes cutting-edge scholarship on controversial and emerging topics such as contract cheating and visual plagiarism.  

 Live Show!  

Third annual BC Academic Integrity Day. (In-person | 6:00:00)  

Presentations, panel discussions, and workshops from 9:00am-3:00pm Friday’ Oct.14, 2022 in the Langara T Gallery. Registration required.  

Activities for Your Students

ICAI Student TikTok Contest
Students can enter this contest to win up to $150 USD! The purpose of the contest is to generate short reels to raise academic integrity awareness and give students an opportunity to share their opinions and ideas on how everyone can support academic integrity.  

Student Contract Cheating Workshop
This workshop on Oct. 19 is available to all Langara students to help them understand the risks of contract cheating and protect themselves online. Available for students in-person or online.