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Teaching online beyond COVID: TCDC’s Course Design for Online and Blended Learning mini-course

If you lived through the pandemic education experience, you most certainly would have come across TCDC’s five-day mini-course in Online Course Design and Delivery (OCDD). Over two years, hundreds of Langara instructors have participated in synchronous Zoom sessions and asynchronous activities on outcomes-based teaching and learning and online course design. The course has also provided a unique opportunity to experience learning online from a student’s perspective. 


Now called Course Design for Online and Blended Learning, this updated version of the original course is set to run May 9 to 27 with three synchronous sessions scheduled on May 11, 17 and 26. Learn more and sign-up on the TCDC/EdTech calendar if you haven’t participated yet or would like to refresh your skills. 

New name, new format 

The OCDD was initially designed at the start of the pandemic, to meet the urgent needs of those facing the sudden transition to remote teaching. The updated course builds on the original but includes additional instructional strategies that reflect both online and blended learning, the current teaching reality for many.  

The course is now spread over three weeks to allow participants to update their own courses as they learn as well as manage other professional obligations. 

Course highlights include: 

  • Course design techniques for teaching online and blended learning environments 
  • Modelling learner-centred pedagogical approaches and tech-enhanced learning 
  • Daily challenges to practice skills and make course design changes 
  • Greater emphasis on universal design for learning and inclusivity 
  • Demonstration of new Brightspace template options 

Course assessment and feedback 

Over the past two years, we have received unsolicited feedback from participants with their accolades and suggestions for improvement. Feedback received during a recent course assessment, that included surveys and interviews with participants, has also helped us to improve the new course. 

Here is what participants have shared about the OCDD course in recent surveys: 

“One of the most significant aspects of the course was experiencing an online course as a student myself, and realizing how daunting it can be to try to keep up with everything. This should be a selling point for faculty—advertise that it really helps you experience courses and activities from the student’s perspective. It’s so valuable, and not really replicable by other kinds of training.” 

“I’m an instructional assistant so I used what I learned in this course to support faculty in implementing new tools. This course enabled me to show faculty new and different tools to enhance their online courses, and these tools (such as online icebreakers, Padlet, breakout rooms, engagement tactics, etc) are still in use today (as most of our courses have now transitioned to a blended model with synchronous/f2f and asynchronous components taking place).” 

“It pushed me to get things done; the spontaneity of the learning was great. People said/did unplanned things that sparked creative teaching ideas.” 

“There was some great educational science info that I wasn’t aware of—it’s fantastic to have an opportunity to catch up on the newest research in this area, as learning science doesn’t often come up in my classroom” 

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