Accessibility in 2 minutes

Improve the accessibility of course content with the Brightspace HTML templates

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What are the HTML templates?

  • Preformatted course pages that help you to style course content pages without having to write code. What are the benefits of using the templates?
  • The templates are designed to meet web accessibility standards (WCAG), including formatting styles, such as heading levels, that help create content that is accessible for assistive technologies.

How can I apply the templates?

  • Simply choose the desired page layout and then paste styled elements into your Brightspace content pages using the HTML Editor or copy your existing content and replace the placeholder text and images on the templates.

Step 1: Go to the Content section of a Brightspace course and Create a File

To create a new HTML file in a Brightspace course, select Create a File from the Upload/Create drop-down menu.


Step 2: Give the file a name and Select a Document Template from the drop-down menu

To apply a template, select the desired style from the Select a Document Template drop-down menu.


Step 3: Replace the text and images and then Save and Close

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WARNING: Applying a template to an existing page will overwrite the content and you will lose your work. We recommend selecting and applying the HTML template before adding content (images, videos, etc.) to the HTML editor.

To learn more about the Brightspace HTML templates or get one-on-one support, contact the Educational Technology department.