TCDC Book Club: How Learning Works

Ever wondered how students’ prior knowledge (or misunderstandings)
and the ways they organize new information impact their learning? Curious about what factors motivate students to learn? Want to know more about which types of practice and feedback actually enhance learning, or how you can help your students become self-directed learners?

How Learning Works by Ambrose, Bridges, DiPietro, Lovett and Norman explores recent research from the learning sciences to answer these and other learning-related questions. Join the TCDC book club this fall to read about and discuss a variety of research-based teaching principles and practical, straight-forward strategies for improving student learning.

This book club will be facilitated by a TCDC curriculum consultant and discussions will focus on ways participants might implement some of the strategies outlined in the book into their own courses. We hope you’ll join us this fall for thought-provoking reading, delicious snacks, and great conversation about teaching and learning.

NOTE: The TCDC library has a few copies of this book that can be borrowed by book club participants.

Book Club Meeting Schedule

Wed. Oct. 3
Chapter 1: How does students’ prior knowledge affect their learning?
Wed. Oct. 10
Chapter 2: How does the way students organize knowledge affect their learning?
Wed. Oct. 17
Chapter 3: What factors motivate students to learn?
Wed. Oct. 24
Chapter 4: How do students develop mastery?
Wed. Oct. 31
Chapter 5: What kinds of practice and feedback enhance learning?
Wed. Nov. 7
Chapter 6: Why do student development and course climate matter for student learning?
Wed. Nov. 14
Chapter 7: How to students become self-directed learners?