Add Kaltura Media in the Brightspace Content Tool

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The Add Kaltura Media Method

  1. In Course Materials > Content, click Existing Activities > Add Kaltura Media
    The Existing Activities menu in Content, with Add Kaltura Media selected
  2. From your My Media collection, choose the media item you want
  3. To use the default embed settings, just click Embed
    The Browse, Search & Embed window with a video selected and the pointer over the Embed button
  4. To make changes to the settings, click on the gear, which allows you to choose the size of the embed
    The Advanced settings for a Kaltura embed
  5. When you’re done choosing settings, click the Embed button 
  6. Your media item will appear as a content item, using the video title as its title
  7. If you want to change the title, click the dropdown menu and choose Edit Properties In-Place, click on the title, type a new one, and press Enter to save
    Options menu for a Content link, with the pointer over Edit Properties In-Place

    Does this method work everywhere in my course?

    This method only works in the Content tool. Anywhere else in your course that has the HTML Editor, you can still use the Insert Stuff method. Click here for more information.