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Before you submit your final grades to the Registrar’s Office, you can release them through Brightspace for students to see.

Note: This process does not include submitting the grade of record to the college information system. For assistance with that process, please contact your department chair.

Final Calculated Grade vs. Final Adjusted Grade

There are two Final Grade items built into your Brightspace gradebook. The first is the Final Calculated Grade, which is constantly calculating in the background of your course and only visible to you while the course is running. This grade item automatically takes into account any grade item in your gradebook that you have assigned a weight.

The second is the Final Adjusted Grade, which allows you to copy the grade automatically calculated by the Final Calculated Grade into a new column, and alter it slightly as necessary.

By default, the Final Adjusted Grade is the column set to be released, and the following instructions assume that this is the case in your course. If you’re not sure which Final Grade you have set to release, go to My Tools > Grades and choose Enter Grades, and scroll to the far right to see the Final Calculated Grade and Final Adjusted Grade columns. One will show an icon of an eye with a line drawn through it. This is the final grade that will be released to students.

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To Release Final Grades (Final Adjusted Grade)

Note: If you are releasing the Final Calculated Grade instead, open the Final Calculated Grade at #2, and skip steps #5 and #6.

In Your Brightspace course:

  1. Go to My Tools > Grades.
  2. In Grades, choose Enter Grades.
  3. Locate the Final Adjusted Grade item (scroll all the way to the right), and click on the drop down menu and select Enter Grades.
    A screencap showing the Transfer Grades window in Enter Grades
  4. At the bottom right corner of the page, check your pagination from the dropdown menu. Make sure that the number is set high enough to capture the entire class (the default is 20 per page).
  5. Scroll back up. At the top of the page, click the dropdown menu (inverted triangle) next to the Final Grades title. From the menu, select “Transfer All.” After selecting the “Transfer All” option, a Confirmation pop-up box will appear. Click Yes in order to continue with the final grades release process.

  6. Adjust grades in the Final Adjusted Grade column, if necessary. If you are not adjusting anyone’s grades, move ahead to Step 7.
  7. To release the grades for student viewing, click on the Select Box above the far left hand column of the page to select all students. Click on the “Release/Unrelease” button in that same row.
  8. Click Save at the bottom of the pages (s). When prompted, click Yes to confirm. The grades will be released to your students.
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