Vicki Vogel

Instructor, Langara Student Success Course

Vicki Vogel is an instructor with the Langara Student Success Course. She brings to this role extensive experience in post-secondary education in Canada and Japan. Vicki has built her career in developing, teaching and leading programs that promote student success. She has background in English language training, academic skills development, and intercultural communication. In addition to her role in TCDC, Vicki teaches a course in Intercultural Strategies for Business with the PPD in Supply Chain and Logistics. Vicki enjoys creating inclusive and participatory learning environments and the continuous learning that she derives from working with students. She is passionate about learning about different worldviews and building bridges between peoples.  

Vicki is an avid outdoor enthusiast and depending on the season, you can find her hiking, cycling, backpacking, running, skiing, snowshoeing, and enjoying outdoor activities.

Vicki Vogel