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The Allowable Filetypes field provides options for the types of files that learners can submit for the assignment. Options in the drop down menu include:

  • No Restrictions – any file type allowed (default)
  • PDF Only
  • Annotatable files, which include all file types that are supported by the Annotation tool in Assignments. For the complete list of file types, seeĀ File types supported by Annotations.
  • Files that can be previewed without any conversion, such as .HTM, .HTML, .MHT, .MHTML, and .BMP
  • Images and videos
  • Custom File Types
  • Compatible with Turnitin – restricts submission to file types that Turnitin is capable of analyzing (if Turnitin is enabled)

If you choose Custom File Types, you can then enter file extensions that are allowed for file submissions.

Note: Not all file types can be viewed within Brightspace. Particularly with Custom File Types, be aware that some file types might require you to download the files in order to open or view them.

The Allowable Filetypes filed with the Custom filetypes option selected opens a text field to list the allowable file extensions

When file type restrictions are used on an assignment, the list of allowable file types are listed on the Submit Assignment dialog displayed to the student.

When a student attempts to upload a file submission for an assignment of a file extension type that the instructor has restricted, an error message appears.

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