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How To 3D Print

How To Print Video – Video >

How to print PDF > Coming soon

How to Print with the Form2 Resin Printer. Version V2 includes post processing with the Form Wash and the Form Cure. Also taking the supports off of the model.

 PDF Link >

3d Printer Bed Sizes

5.7″w× 5.7″d × 6.9″h
14.5cm × 14.5cm × 17.5 cm

8.5″w 7″d x 8.25″h
21.5cm x 18cm x 21cm

13″w x 9.5″d x 12″h
33cm x 24cm x 30cm

12″w x 11″d x 17″h
31cm x 28cm x 43cm


4″w x 4″d x 4.5″h
10cm x 10cm x 11cm

3D Creation Software

We have 4 workstations and 6 laptops  available at Makerspace with Rhino3D.

  • Used by Fine Arts students
  • The A110 Computer lab has Rhino 3D software on all the computers
  • Website >

We have 4 workstations & 3 laptops available with Fusion360 at Makerspace.

  • You can also get Fusion360 for free for 3 years for faculty and students
  • Website >

We have 2 workstations available at Makerspace with Solidworks.

  • Used by Design Formation & Theatre Arts students.
  • Website >

Formatting you file

The final 3D file should be an STL file. This is then brought into the specific* 3D printer software to create the final file for the printer.

*See 3D Printer Software section above.

Filament & Finishing

You can paint your 3D model with acrylic paints. Here is a great tutorial on how to post process and finish your 3D models: Website Link >

All about the different 3D filaments:
Website Link>

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