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Makerspace Is Now Open To Students, Staff & Faculty. 

Makerspace is now open 8:30 to 12:00 noon and 1:00pm to 4pm week days. We welcome students, staff and faculty to visit and use the Makerspace.

Visit us

The MAKERSPACE is located in in the A Building on the second floor in room A268.
830-12:00 & 1:00-4:00


Contact us

Philip Robbins
Coordinator, Makerspace Instructor, Fine Arts

Contact us

Don Gillard
Makerspace Technician
Contact for website & output submission questions.




Our Makerspace Weekly In Person Workshops will resume on September 10th.

We have weekly workshops at Makerspace so you can become familiar with the equipment and processes. We currently have workshops on: laser cutters, 3D printers, vinyl cutter, CNC router, finger joint box making and industrial sewing machines. Click on the button below for information on each workshop.


3MF The New Format For 3D Printing

We usually export our 3D objects to an STL file, which then runs through the 3D printers program to create the file for the printer. STL files can be very large and lacking information if you import them into another 3D program to view or modify. The new 3MF format contains a lot more information including, the mesh, materials and surfaces. The problem is not all of the 3D printer companies have adopted it yet. Out of all of our 3D printers and software; Ulitmaker S5/Cura, Ditto Pro/Tinkerine Suite, Form2/Preform… only Ulitmaker S5/Cura will import the new format. So for […]

Medical 3D Prints

We have done a few test prints of some bone structures and a heart. These medical prints can be great teaching and study aids. There are many different sources where you can find 3d objects relevant to your topic, we found these at Thingiverse.com. You are welcome to print these at Makerspace.  

Last Outputs Submissions For A full Class Of Students… We Hope

We are getting ready to mail out what we hope is the last of the output submissions for a full class of students. We have been outputting students work (including 3D prints, 2D prints, laser etching/cutting & vinyl cutting) for over a year now. I have enjoyed it, but I am really looking forward to having the students, staff and faculty back into the space, where I will be assisting & helping with the outputs. Our Makerspace workshops will also be starting up in September, offering some new and exciting workshops, featuring some of our new equipment. The final day […]