Create A File

How to create a file for the laser in Adobe Illustrator PDF >

This is our latest version (September 13th, 2023) .

You can use many different 2D drawing programs to create files for the lasers including: Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and Autocad LT.

Illustrator is available on most Langara College computers.

Autocad LT is available free for students and staff here >

Operating The Lasers

How to use Job Control and operate the Trotec laser cutter/engraver PDF >

This is our latest version (September 11th, 2023)  that now uses Coreldraw to process the file for the laser.

How to Guides for the Epilog laser & the Epilog Job Manager 

A. Standard Engraving & Cutting Guide – PDF >

B. Making A Stamp – PDF >

C. Engraving A Round Object – PDF >

Laser Sizes

28.7″w 16.5″d
729mm x 433mm

17.5″w x 11.5″d
450mm x 300mm