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Elastic Prints & PLA Keeps The Drips Away

Our new 3D Potter – 3D clay printer has a number of different nozzles with various diameters it can use to print with. When the Nozzle is on the printer and the tube is loaded with clay, we needed to somehow seal the nozzle when not using the printer.

Something so simple proved to be complicated. How to get it to stay on and how to seal it.

I finally came up with a PLA 3D printed cap that had a bolt that could be tightened to the nozzle.
I then printed a elastic cone for the inside of the cap, using our Form 2 Resin printers.

Always satisfying to complete a design that works.

A Collection of Great White Papers from Formlabs.

There has been a series of great white papers recently from FormLabs 3D resin printers.
These are very informative white papers regarding real world uses of 3D objects.
I posted one recently on insert molds, here are some other great papers:

– How To Design and 3D Print Snap-Fit Enclosures
A great article on making snap fit enclosures for electronic components and other uses. Read it >

– Silicone Molding For Product Design
A great article on working with 3d printed objects to then use as the positive to mold with silicon to create a final mold. Read it >

– How to Do Rapid Tooling for Sheet Metal Forming With 3D Printed Dies
I find this one the most exciting, being able to form metal parts opens up a whole new world in the Makerspace. And now that we have a plasma cutter, the possibilities are endless. Read it >

– Introduction to Casting for 3D Printed Jewelry Patterns
Many jewelers are now designing their jewelry on a computer, 3d printing it and then using the 3d printed object for the lost wax process.
This white paper tells you all about it, Read it >

– Overmolding and Insert Molding: From Prototyping to Production
Posted this last month, here is the link >

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