Research – SSHRC

Making and the Emergent Circular Economy in Canada.
A 2-year SSHRC funded research project.

Makerspaces (hacklabs, fablabs and hackerspaces) are seen as an important steppingstone to the emerging Circular Economy (CE). Makerspaces are also commonly understood as community-led places for users to build, create, tinker, experiment, and participate in ‘collective productive projects’.

While makerspaces are typically seen as driving efficiencies in material and capital flows, some point to the social value that is co-created and distributed in the community, along with the development of diverse ideas, the feeling of interconnection between people, celebration of local values, and awareness of social, economic and environmental impact.  Despite their growth, little attention is given to makerspaces’ compatibility, integration and/or value within the CE. Furthermore, the social pillar of CE is under researched and not yet fully understood. Most of the research and initiatives are being conducted by Government and Industry, and there is no space/opportunity for community input.  This research project will examine the place of Makerspaces and Maker Cultures within the emergent circular economy in Canada.

Research Assistant (RA)
Wakana Simamura (Langara Fine Art Alum)