Makerspace is located in the A Building on the second floor.

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Makerspace is open to all students, staff & faculty from 830am to 400pm weekdays.

We are closed for lunch 12 to 1 daily.

We prefer the you use the Makerspace to create something that: helps the world, helps the environment, is directly related to your studies or solves a problem.

Here is the Personal Project Guidlines >

Makerspace is open to students, staff and faculty.

We do not allow commercial contracts or  production runs.

If you don’t have hands on experience with the equipment you need to take a workshop for it first.

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Makerspace is getting busy, so please book time on a specific piece of equipment for a specific time and day. All of the signup sheets are on a tack board on the outside of the Makerspace, room A268.

The 3D printers are booked by the day (1 slot per day per person max) and the lasers are booked in 1/2hr chunks. (Max 2 slots per day).

Our Tinkerine printers use a corn based PLA filament.

Our Ultimaker S5 uses: nylon, ABS, PETA & PVA filaments.

We use a plant based resin for our Anycubic 3D printers.

Makerspace is free to use, including no charge for using the 3D printers. For the laser cutters, you just need to bring your own materials.