Giant fan Covers Made From Up-Cycled Billboard Vinyl

We just completed making two giant fan covers for Langara’s Engineering team. We used the billboard vinyl that I get from Jim Pattison signs. Ninety percent of the vinyl is usually thrown away, so this is another great Makerspace Up-Cycle project. The giant fans point to the sky, and they are for the boiler room in building A. During the year, and especially the winter months, a lot of rain gets into the fans. There is a drainage system, but the bearings in the fan still manage to get rusty. So the idea to get Makerspace to design & make […]

Emanuele Leite’s Morse Code Game Board

Design Formation student Emanuele Leite designed and made a very cool Morse Code game. Emanuele utilized the Makeraspace to build the game. The game pieces were cut and engraved out of plywood on the Trotec laser.  The game box graphics as well as the game board where 2D printed on our large format (44″ wide) Epson Pro 9880. You can see all the info and details here on the Vancouver Maritime Museum website >  

Casting in Bronze from a hand drawing! – The Process

Casting in Bronze from a hand drawing! This is an amazing process that Fine Arts instructor Devon Knowles has her students doing this semester. It all starts with a hand drawing, that is scanned on the Langara photocopiers, imported into Adobe Illustrator and traced. The next step is to prepare the file for the Makerspace Trotec Laser. The lines are the cut out of plywood on the Trotec. The wood pieces are then glued together to form the postive for the sand casting mold. The pieces are then used to make the sand cast and then poured with bronze. Thank […]

Up-Cycled Bike Panniers Made At Makerspace For The SOS Auction

Over the last few years I have been designing useful objects using giant billboard banner vinyl I have been given to from Jim Pattison signs. They throw out 90% of the vinyl, so it is a great material to upcycle. Makerspace recently donated a pair of bike bag Panniers for the Langara SOS Auction. Using MEC bike hardware, I designed what I thought would be a functional and useful panniers. The bags are a great success and now the patterns and an endless supply of vinyl are available at the Makerspace. Any staff, student and faculty of Langara can make […]