Giant fan Covers Made From Up-Cycled Billboard Vinyl

We just completed making two giant fan covers for Langara’s Engineering team. We used the billboard vinyl that I get from Jim Pattison signs. Ninety percent of the vinyl is usually thrown away, so this is another great Makerspace Up-Cycle project. The giant fans point to the sky, and they are for the boiler room in building A. During the year, and especially the winter months, a lot of rain gets into the fans. There is a drainage system, but the bearings in the fan still manage to get rusty. So the idea to get Makerspace to design & make a cover came from Naveed (engineering) and Mike C. (facilities).

The finished covers are 92″ in diameter and each have a 26 foot long band sewn to them. The band has grommets installed for a rope that will then tighten the cover onto the fan.

We have a huge supply of billboard vinyl here as well as grommets and grommet machines for your future projects. We also have four industrial Techsew sewing machines, to help make your project.