Up-Cycled Bike Panniers Made At Makerspace For The SOS Auction

Over the last few years I have been designing useful objects using giant billboard banner vinyl I have been given to from Jim Pattison signs.
They throw out 90% of the vinyl, so it is a great material to upcycle. Makerspace recently donated a pair of bike bag Panniers for the Langara SOS Auction.
Using MEC bike hardware, I designed what I thought would be a functional and useful panniers.

The bags are a great success and now the patterns and an endless supply of vinyl are available at the Makerspace. Any staff, student and faculty of Langara can make a set of bags for themselves.There will be a video and how-to manual for the bags in the new year. When makerspace opens to staff and students again, you will be able to use our industrial sewing machines to make your bags. And I will be there to help.