A Collection of Great White Papers from Formlabs.

There has been a series of great white papers recently from FormLabs 3D resin printers. These are very informative white papers regarding real world uses of 3D objects. I posted one recently on insert molds, here are some other great papers: – How To Design and 3D Print Snap-Fit Enclosures A great article on making snap fit enclosures for electronic components and other uses. Read it > – Silicone Molding For Product Design A great article on working with 3d printed objects to then use as the positive to mold with silicon to create a final mold. Read it > […]

New Equipment At Makerspace

We have a few very exciting new tools at the Makerspace this year. We have a new Baileigh Plasma cutter that will be able to cut various thicknesses of sheets of metal. We also have a Tormach PCNC 440 CNC mill machine. This can machine metals with a work envelop at 10″ x 6.25″ x 10″. And it is fast! Rounding out the list is a new high volume 3D clay printer, the 3D Potter Supper 10. This printer extrudes clay into 3d shapes, that you can then fire in a kiln. Check out more here > or drop by […]

LUMINOUS OBJECT – Design Formation 2021

Luminous Object was a Design Formation project this past term. DF instructor Yvan created the project for the students, using only a bare lightbulb as the light source. The students then created prototypes using cardboards and paper. The final lamp was made using plywood, plexiglas and resin. Many of the students used the laser engraver/cutter at the Makerspace to create the parts. The outcome was a wonderful assortment of lamps, that are all completely different! Below are a few images, see more at images under our Student Projects Gallery >