A Collection of Great White Papers from Formlabs.

There has been a series of great white papers recently from FormLabs 3D resin printers.
These are very informative white papers regarding real world uses of 3D objects.
I posted one recently on insert molds, here are some other great papers:

– How To Design and 3D Print Snap-Fit Enclosures
A great article on making snap fit enclosures for electronic components and other uses. Read it >

– Silicone Molding For Product Design
A great article on working with 3d printed objects to then use as the positive to mold with silicon to create a final mold. Read it >

– How to Do Rapid Tooling for Sheet Metal Forming With 3D Printed Dies
I find this one the most exciting, being able to form metal parts opens up a whole new world in the Makerspace. And now that we have a plasma cutter, the possibilities are endless. Read it >

– Introduction to Casting for 3D Printed Jewelry Patterns
Many jewelers are now designing their jewelry on a computer, 3d printing it and then using the 3d printed object for the lost wax process.
This white paper tells you all about it, Read it >

– Overmolding and Insert Molding: From Prototyping to Production
Posted this last month, here is the link >