The Makerspace is now open 8:30 to 4:30 Monday to Friday

MakerSpace We are now open 8:30 am until 12:30 pm and 1:30pm until 4:30pm Monday to Friday. We are here for you to build things! Please inquire into workshops and how to get access to the equipment. Drop by Makerspace at A268 and talk to Don or email Don at Sign-up for our workshops for the: Laser, 3D printers and Vinyl Cutters here> Lots of resources and “How To” info here>

Meeting the Needs of Students, Faculty, and Industry

The Georgia Institute of technology was looking to meet the desires of three key stakeholder groups – students, faculty, and industry. Students were looking for more practice-based, hands-on learning, faculty wanted a greater opportunity for students to explore real-world problems, and industry had expressed a need for more creative and better prepared graduates. And so, a maker space was created to meet these needs. While this article explores the value of maker education for engineering students, the lessons learned apply to any field where students need to be innovative and creative to succeed. The Inventions Studio: A university maker space […]

Makers Impact on Manufacturing

In this series of articles for The Atlantic, James Fallows goes beyond the hobbyist aspects of maker culture to explore the “serious economic, technological, and city-development force” which he argues is destined to transform the manufacturing industry. Why the Maker Movement Matters: Part 1, the Tools Revolution Why the Maker Movement Matters: Part 2, Agility

Makerspaces In & Around Vancouver

There are a number of local non-educational makerspaces. If you haven’t had a chance to check any of them out, you may be interested in starting with Stephen Hui’s (2014, Sep 24) Georgia Straight article, Makerspaces Connect People and Projects. Other local makerspaces and resources to explore include: Vancouver Tool Library WePress Victoria Makerspace Kamloops Makerspace Makerspace Nanaimo

Maker Space at Portland Community College

This video highlights the tools and collaboration taking place at Portland Community College’s Maker Space. This is a space where students from various disciplines come together to “practice, make, fail, and repeat until they get it right.”  

Design Thinking

At its most basic, design thinking  can be described as a method to solve a problem. Design thinking, therefore, is a critical aspect of making. In this TED Talk, Emily Pilloton describes how she and her partner are using designing thinking  to radically transform a poor rural school’s shop class and students, as well as the surrounding community of Bertie County.    

An Introduction to Makerspaces

If you are new to Makerspaces, check out 7 Things You Should Know About… Makerspaces. This short article introduces readers to the maker movement and highlights the impact making can have on teaching and learning. Educause, April 2013.