Makerspace at Applied Research Day

Makerspace was at the Applied Research Day at Langara College this week. We were in full force with 4 tables and a side display. We brought our 3d printers, including the new slip clay 3D printer as well as videos and many samples. We also had displays for our research projects: Ocean Plastics, The Prud’homme Library and Design Collaborations with City Studio.

A cool application of technologies

A very cool project by Daren Schwenke. He uses sensors, 3D printing and Arduino-controlled actuators to create this glowing rose. This makes me think of the possibilities of some opening/folding lamps, activated by all kinds of sensors, including motion, heat, light, sound and touch. See the story here >

3D Printing with Flexible Objects

Very exciting here at Langara Makerspace, We just 3D printed our first flexible object on the Form2 Printers. Using Formlabs Flexible Resin, we have successfully printed a sphere that can be squeezed. The material is a bit firmer then we thought, but the possibilities are exciting. Drop by Makerspace to see our Form2’s in action!