What Is Online PSL?

Under the current circumstances, we have transitioned to online and alternative forms of delivery of Peer+ sessions to continue supporting our facilitators and students. Online Peer+ sessions will follow our face-to-face model as closely as possible. If your class is supported by Online Peer Supported Learning, please feel free to check out our calendar here to see if a session for your class is available!

What is Online Peer Supported Learning?

Just like our face-to-face delivery of Peer Supported Learning (PSL), our online delivery is still an academic support program that provides informal study sessions led by senior students who have taken the class previously. As peer support facilitators, these students will follow online class lessons to observe, become a peer, provide model student behaviour, and facilitate online study sessions over the Zoom app. Unlike peer tutors – peer support facilitators do not teach or tutor – they facilitate the study session.

What is the purpose of Online Peer Supported Learning?

  • PSL targets at risk classes where the chances of receiving grade of D, F or W is higher than 30%
  • The program is designed to help with learner success and to enable students to gain new skills which may be transferred to other classes
  • PSL aims at increasing retention and improving student grades

Who facilitates the online sessions?

Online Peer+ sessions are led by senior students who have taken the course previously and have done well. As peer support facilitators, these students follow the online class lessons to observe, become a peer, provide model student behaviour, and facilitate online study sessions. They will be someone who have been there before and can share how they’ve succeeded.

What do online study sessions look like?

  • Online Peer+ sessions will be delivered using the Zoom app. This allows for online face-to-face communication.
  • Peer support facilitators do not re-teach, tutor, or provide answers to students
  • Sessions are designed to help students develop study strategies and help with the learning process in a collaborative environment
  • Online Peer+ sessions will cover difficult content from lectures
  • Different learning strategies will be used to facilitate the sessions
  • Students should come prepared with notes, textbook, and calculators
  • Sessions are typically 50 minutes and could be longer prior to an exam.

How can I find out the online session times?

The session schedule can be seen by clicking here!

What is the Zoom app, and how do I use it?

To learn more about the Zoom app, please visit the following page: https://iweb.langara.ca/lts/how-to/zoom/

To see what to do when joining an Online Peer+ session, please click here!



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