What is Kaltura MediaSpace?

Kaltura MediaSpace is Langara’s streaming media platform. You may access MediaSpace from https://mediaspace.langara.ca, or from inside Brightspace via My Tools > My Media.

Why does media need to be deleted? 

Space on the Kaltura Cloud is limited, and Langara College pays a premium when storage exceeds our allotted space. Because of this, and because Kaltura is intended to host media being actively used for teaching and learning, users are advised to only keep media in their My Media library that is currently in use. Media entries created for one-time applications, such as assignments for specific classes, or content meant for the use of a specific course, do not need to be kept on Kaltura long-term. 

Long-term storage of media that will be re-used in the future, or is needed for archival purposes, can be stored in OneDrive (if applicable) or on your own devices.

Click here for instructions on how to delete Kaltura Media. 

Saving Closed Captions

If you have captions that you have edited for accuracy, we recommend downloading and saving these caption files alongside your media, and then re-uploading and re-attaching them if and when you re-upload their associated media files.

What is a Media Entry? 

A Media Entry is any individual video or audio upload in your My Media. 


Users are always advised to keep their own copies of everything uploaded to Kaltura. Media cannot be recovered once it has been deleted. 

Anything you create with the Kaltura Capture desktop app will remain on your hard drive until you delete it (click here to find the location of Kaltura Capture media on your device – on Windows, the AppData folder might be hidden by default, so click here for instructions on viewing hidden files and folders), but you can find instructions on how to download your media at the following link. 

Click here for instructions on how to download your media. 

How long is media kept? 

Media is kept for as long as it is in active use, and its owner is still a student or employee at Langara College. 

A general media purge takes place once every 3 semesters, at the end of the Fall semester. An additional deletion is carried out at the end of the Summer semester to remove exceptionally long entries, usually Zoom meeting recordings or recorded lectures. 

Only inactive media (with 0 plays within a certain time period) is deleted. If you want to make sure that your media is not deleted, make sure it has been played at least once within that period.

What gets deleted? 

Periodic deletions are carried out to ensure that only active media is kept on the Kaltura server. What is deleted, and when, depends on the media’s activity, and its size. 

All Media 

Media with 0 plays in the previous 3 semesters will be deleted. This is carried out once per year, at the end of the Fall semester. 

Very Long Entries 

Very long entries (longer than 2 hours) with 0 plays in the previous 3 semesters will be deleted. This is carried out twice per calendar year, at the end of the Summer and Fall semesters. 

Former Students and Employees 

Media with 0 plays in the previous 3 semesters will be deleted (included in annual data purge). If media will continue to be used after a user’s departure, they should make certain to change ownership to another user before leaving. 

Click here for instructions on transferring ownership of a media entry.