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EquatIO allows instructors and students to type, draw, or speak mathematical and chemical notation in applications. There are integrations with Brightspace, Microsoft Office, and Google Docs.

EquatIO Downloads

There are Equatio integrations available for Microsoft Office and Chrome. (The downloads are not required if you are using EquatIO in Brightspace only.)

Note: You will need to log in with your Langara Outlook email address and password for both of the following options, not your Google account.

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EquatIO Support

General Support

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Video Overview

This video includes demonstrations of various EquatIO integrations, including Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Watch the videos in the Brightspace section below to see how to use EquatIO in Brightspace.

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Using EquatIO in Brightspace

You can use EquatIO anywhere in Brightspace that has the HTML Editor. You can find more instructions for using Equatio in Brightspace below.

The HTML Editor
The Brightspace HTML Editor

Equatio has a number of tools, including manual entry using the Equation Editor, the ability to input LaTeX, create graphs, and even enter equations using handwriting recognition or voice recognition.

Equatio button layout

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How to Use Equatio (Full PDF instructions)

Click here for instructions on using Equatio in Quizzes or Assignments.

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Taking a Quiz Using Equatio (Video)

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Submitting an Assignment Using Equatio (Video)

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