Kaltura Cleanup April 2024

At the end of April 2024, any of your Kaltura media files that have not been played since March 2022 will be deleted, as part of the Kaltura MediaSpace Retention Policy. Once deleted, these files cannot be recovered.

To avoid the deletion of your files, please press Play on any media files you want to keep at least once before the deletion date (you must play the file for a minimum of 15 seconds).  To see how many of your entries might qualify for cleanup, you can sort your My Media by number of plays (note that after you click Play, the number under the video may not change for up to 48 hours).

Media that will be re-used in the more distant future, or is needed for archival purposes, can be stored on your own devices. Users are also always advised to keep offline copies of any files they want to keep (including downloading existing captions that you have edited for accuracy). Learn how to download your files here.

See the Langara Kaltura MediaSpace Retention Policy page for more information about downloading files, saving closed captions, and more.