Important Announcement for 2018 Library Instruction Booking

As you may have heard, D2L is becoming Brightspace! That means that the library tutorials are also getting this new look. To ensure that the content, quizzes, and activities are all working the way they should, we at the library are asking for a 2 week delay for enrolling students into the library tutorials this spring. The library will be able to have the content and quizzes in the library tutorials available after January 16, 2018. If you usually like your tutorials to be open as soon as the term starts, please allow us this brief interval to make sure everything is working properly.

The launch of Brightspace will also coincide with the launch of our new, re-vitalized Introduction to Library Research Tutorial. We have been working hard for the past several months to give this vital tutorial a much needed renovation. It includes more activities, tougher quiz questions, updated resources, and view based conditional release of quizzes. If you would like to preview the new content, please contact Alli Sullivan, Teaching and Learning Librarian (, with your employee ID to get added to the preview course.

If your course involves a research assignment, please consider adding library instruction to help your student find and evaluate appropriate resources, avoid plagiarism, and practice better citation. The complete list of our services are below the break:

Online Tutorials:

Our online tutorials, delivered through Langara’s Brightspace Course Management System, are helpful for both learners at the college and distance students gain library research skills. We offer:

Introduction to Research – This tutorial introduces students to library research methods and is geared toward first-year students in all disciplines.

Avoiding Plagiarism – Langara instructors explain plagiarism in a series of short videos. They discuss intentional and unintentional plagiarism, explain why students need to be aware of the issues and consequences, and provide clear solutions to protect their academic integrity.

Can I Use This? Evaluating Your Sources – This brand new online tutorial provides students with a 5W (Who, What, Where, When Why) Framework to apply to resources that they find both through the library and online. Short videos walk students through the evaluation process with several example resource. Help your students make better decisions about the resources they include in their papers.

In-Person Tutorials:

Your subject librarians can work closely with you to develop an in-person library tutorial that introduces your students to library resources and research skills. By providing copies of your assignments or discussing your student’s specific needs, we can make sure that these tutorials are useful and extremely relevant. Bringing your classes to the library for hands-on learning is very useful, but activities and tutorials can be delivered in your classroom as well.

Online Assignment Guides:

Give your students a road map to your research assignment! Your subject librarian will create a customized guide with recommendations of resources and search strategies. See examples of research guides and the updated general subject guides here:

To book any kind of library instruction for your Spring 2018 classes or if you have other questions about how the library can help, please feel free to get in touch with your subject librarian.

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