Time to double check streaming videos

Do you use videos in your online classes? Now is a great time to double check that the Library has an active license to any streaming videos you plan to use this Spring semester (and beyond). We may also be able to find streaming versions of some DVDs.

The Library is happy to look over lists of videos you plan to use, to ensure we will have an active streaming license for the videos on the date you need them. If you would like the media team to check titles for you, please send the following to Annie Jensen (ajensen@langara.ca):

Title of video:

Date needed:

Your department:

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Research and Writing Clinic Now on Zoom

Do your students need writing or research support?


Research and Writing Coach-in

Don’t work alone with your essay or writing assignment.  Join us for free research and writing clinics on Zoom.

Librarians and writing tutors will be available during the clinics to offer individual help with research, writing and citation for all subjects.

Just bring your assignment and any notes or drafts you’ve completed. Group projects are also welcome.

Where: Register online. A Zoom url will be provided to you


  • Thurs Oct. 22, 2020 9:30 – 11 am
  • Tues Nov. 17, 2020 9:30 – 11 am

Remember, too, that the Writing Centre and the Library’s Ask a Librarian Service offer regular online help. See schedule: Writing Centre – Ask a Librarian

For more info, contact Joyce Wong joycewong@langara.ca local: 5047

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Open Education Challenge Series: Bite-sized learning for busy educators

Last week Langara’s open education partner, BCcampus, announced a micro-learning series for busy B.C. post-secondary educators to dip their toes into open pedagogy and practices.

The target audience is faculty who are completely new to open education. “You might have heard about [open educational resources], open textbooks, and perhaps even open pedagogy, but if you don’t know where to find them or how to use or create them, then this is for you,” says BCcampus.

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**FINAL REMINDER – Redirection for old Ezproxy links stops after end of August**

In 2019 the Library moved the domain of the Ezproxy server from langara.bc.ca to langara.ca.  Since then a redirection has been put in place to automatically redirect Ezproxy links from the old domain to the new domain. The redirection will stop after the end of August 2020.

We need you help to ensure that the links in your saved bookmarks and Brightspace pages are in the correct format. If you have not done so, please update the links as follows.

You need to delete ‘bc.’ in the Ezproxy link (including the period)

The Ezproxy links allow students and staff to continue to access full-text and streaming in library databases and streaming platforms when they are accessing from off-campus.

If you have any questions, please contact Philip Wong (philip.wong@langara.ca) or Julie Cole (jcole@langara.ca).

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Reminder to Book Library Instruction – Fall 2020

While we may all be missing our beautiful building, your library team is still here to help you and your students with all their research help needs. Library instruction may look different, but almost all of our services have been flipped to a virtual environment. You can see how we have been delivering the same high quality resources and assistance here:

Some options for online library classes may include:

  • Synchronous session with the librarian over Zoom to offer an interactive information literacy class.
  • Asynchronous learning objects that allow students to walk through the research process that students can watch on their own time.
  • Embed your Library Assignment Guide directly into your Brightspace Course. Instructions on this can be found here:
  • Custom built learning objects that offer subject specific exercises and suggestions for research projects (this will take more lead time)
  • Using the existing online tutorials through Brightspace. More information on that can be found here:

Full information about Information Literacy Instruction at Langara College can be found here:

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Library Services in a Virtual World

As we prepare for the fall semester, take a quick look at how the Library has adapted its services and collections to support online learning. While we still are not sure what the Library’s physical space will look like in September, we remain here to support you and your students during these transitional times – don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Library Materials: Fees and Renewals

Do you have library materials checked out before the start of the Summer Semester?  Don’t worry – we have renewed them until the end of the current semester. We also recognize that coming to campus may be difficult so at the end of August, we will continue to renew these outstanding titles for employees until the close of the Fall semester. For students, we have offered similar accommodations with a different schedule.

If you would like to return materials, use the book return slot open 24/7 outside on the Southwest entrance of the L building.  You do not have to come into the library and no late fees will apply to any material borrowed before May 5. You can also renew materials anytime online using your MyLibrary Account.  Note that regular late fees apply to materials borrowed on and after May 5.

The sudden closure of the campus including the Library in March was a challenging situation for employees and students.  To help students transition to online learning, the Library quickly opened up and continues to offer a pick up service for physical materials. With safety measures in place, students and employees are able to submit requests online and pick up critical materials for teaching and learning. To date, Borrower Services staff have fulfilled over 700 requests.

We are all learning as we pivot around this crisis – “quarantine book truck” was definitely not part of the Library Science vocabulary. If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact Borrower Services 604-323-5462 or  circulation@langara.ca





Photo by TDLucas 500

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Trends in Information Literacy Instruction – July 2020

This summer, recent publications from the Information Literacy Instruction (ILI) lead us to think critically about Critical Library Instruction, examine the teaching moments in our reference transactions, and look again at the improved outcomes from multiple library sessions in a single class.

The 10 year anniversary of Critical Library Instruction: Theories and Methods brings us a special issue of Communications in Information Literacy that updates and reflects on this seminal work. Additionally, Debbie Schachter of Capilano University publishes survey and interview results that paint a picture of the critical library instruction landscape of BC academic libraries.

Several recent articles in the ILI literature turn our focus back to the reference interaction as a teachable moment. We have a look at mapping virtual reference emails to the ACRL framework and a review of literature about one-on-one reference transactions as a venue for ILI.

Finally, we have more evidence of scaffolding and multiple library instruction sessions leading to better outcomes for students in a study of first year writing classes.

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Leveraging Your (Copy)Rights for Online Instruction

Since the quick pivot to fully online instruction in March, the spotlight has been turned on tools required for online delivery (Brightspace, MediaSpace, Zoom, and the like). Less attention has been paid to how copyright can support educators as they transition to remote instruction.

Fair dealing is always available to educators in both face-to-face and online settings. Fair dealing is an exception in Canada’s Copyright Act that permits use of copyright-protected content for purposes such as education, without payment or permission from the rights holder.

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“That’ll be $0, please”: Art History forgoes textbooks, embraces open education

At the start of the summer semester, Langara Art History students discovered that their learning materials this term will cost them nothing. This surely came as a relief to many struggling with financial instability, limited library access, and delayed textbook deliveries related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ten sections of AHIS 1114, AHIS 1115, and AHIS 1214 are now using a combination of open educational resources (OER) from Khan Academy, the Helibrunn Timeline of Art, and other museum databases for required readings.

The Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) model is gaining momentum amongst Canadian post-secondary institutions. ZTC courses forego costly commercial textbooks in favour of OER and/or library materials that students can access for free. Kwantlen Polytechnic University currently offers seven ZTC programs, including a Bachelor of Arts Degree in General Studies.

By Department Chair Dr. Alena Buis’ calculations, Art History’s ZTC courses will save students $44,544 in the current semester alone. This impressive number is not captured in the data Langara records in partnership with BCcampus, which calculates cost savings for classes that have replaced a commercial textbook with a single open textbook (versus OER more broadly).

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