Energize your teaching practice with the UN SDG Open Pedagogy Fellowship

Exciting news! snəw̓eyəɬ leləm̓ Langara College is participating in the 2023 UN Sustainable Development Goals Open Pedagogy Fellowship.

This award-winning fellowship provides faculty with an opportunity to work with students and colleagues to impact change through community engagement and open teaching practices.

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Make no bones about it–we’ve got a new anatomy video collection!

There’s a hip new anatomy collection in the Library!

Acland’s video atlas of human anatomy (aka Acland Anatomy).

This unique collection is an atlas of human anatomy featuring fresh cadavers and lightly preserved human specimens in their natural colors and textures, with nearly 330 videos of real human anatomic specimens, including 5 new, groundbreaking videos of the inner ear.

Dr. Robert Acland presents moving structure–muscles, tendons, and joints–making the same movements that they make in life. The videos show complex structures step by step–from bone to surface anatomy–to provide a foundation for understanding anatomical structure and function. Acland anatomy presents a 360-degree view of specimens accompanied by clear narration and labeled structures, ideal for preparation and review in human/gross anatomy courses and labs. Real movement; exquisite dissections.

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New library resources

The Library has recently subscribed to some new resources that we’d like to let you know about!

Vividata provides reports on Canadians’ usage of over 3,500 products and services. Information includes user demographics, attitudes, media consumption, retail outlets, frequency of usage, and preferred brands.

To access reports, you need to enter the username and password found on the intermediate page before the Vividata login screen.

JBI Database
The Joanna Briggs Institute Evidence Based Practice Database is comprised of the complete JBI EBP content set available via Ovid, which spans a range of medical, nursing, and healthcare specialties and includes evidence summaries, systematic reviews, best practice guidelines, and more. We also have access to JBI SUMARI (System for the Unified Management of the Assessment and Review of Information): Learn to develop, conduct and report on systematic reviews of evidence related to the feasibility, appropriateness, meaningfulness and effectiveness of health care interventions or professional activities.

Harvard Business Review Ebook Collection
The Harvard Business Review Ebook Collection contains more than 600 titles exclusively published by Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) that are suitable for readers at the undergraduate and graduate levels on the topics of leadership, strategy, innovation, technology and management.

ACM Digital Library
The ACM Digital Library is a full-text research, discovery and networking platform containing all ACM publications, a collection of full-text publications from select publishers, and the ACM Guide to Computing Literature, a comprehensive bibliographic database focused on computing.

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New streaming video collection: Can-Core Academic Video

Screenshot of Can-Core collection

There’s a new streaming media collection at the Library! Can-Core Academic Video

Can-Core Academic Video is a streaming video platform created for use in Canadian schools and higher education. It contains videos and audio recordings produced in Canada selected for a strong curriculum fit with resources relevant to teachers and K-12 students (and beyond).

All the videos in Can-Core are listed in the library catalogue, but our records for the videos are temporarily minimalist. For now, the best way to explore what Can-Core has to offer is to search directly within the Can-Core platform. We should have more robust catalogue records, including subject headings, in the coming months.

If you plan on linking to videos in Brightspace, make sure to add our ezproxy prefix at the beginning of the video’s URL. This will prompt users to log-in when off-campus in order to view to the video.


Any questions about Can-Core or other library media? Contact Annie Jensen ajensen@langara.ca


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A new year’s ‘diet’ for the public domain? Canada adds twenty years to term of copyright protection

During the winter break, Canada extended its term of copyright protection by twenty years. As of December 30, 2022, literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works are now protected for the life of the creator plus 70 years.

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New library resources

The Library has recently subscribed to two new resources that we’d like to let you know about!

The Bibliography of Indigenous Peoples in North America is a bibliographic database covering all aspects of Indigenous Peoples in North American culture, history, and life. It contains citations for newspapers, magazines, academic journals, books, reviews, and trade publications from the United States and Canada. The earliest indexed publication is from 1890. There is some coverage throughout 20th century; the majority of the collection was published after 1990. This is not a full text database but we may have links to some of this content in our other collections. If you find an article that you need that we don’t have access to, please contact our interlibrary loans department.

We also have a new multidisciplinary ebook collection! The EBSCO Comprehensive Academic eBook Collection contains ebooks in many subject areas including business, education, literature, philosophy, political science, social sciences, technology, health, history, and more. Many books in this collection are published by major academic publishers or university presses. You can read these books online, download chapters as DRM-free PDFs, or download whole books.

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MyLibrary New Login Screen – June 22, 2022

MyLibrary Account will have a new login screen this summer!

MyLibrary Account allows users to access their patron record in the library online catalogue system. After logging in, users can request items, save searches, check item due dates and view outstanding fines. From there students can also check their library tutorial grades. Beginning June 22, 2022, the MyLibrary login screen will have a new look.

Students and staff will no longer log in with their Langara ID. Instead, they will log in with Langara email account. This allows users to access multiple online services in the campus using the single sign-on method. With one login, users can access Office 365 Email, Brightspace, library e-resources, study room booking and more.

New login screen

Current Langara students and employees should select “Log in with Langara Email account”. When you select this, the following familiar O365 login screen will display if you have not logged in before in the same browser.

For community users, they will continue to use the Guest Login. Upon first use, guests will need to set a new PIN.

If you have any questions, please contact the Library at libref@langara.ca.

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Library Catalogue Maintenance – December 15, 2021

The Library online catalogue system will be down for all day for hardware migration and operating systems upgrade.

WHENWednesday, December 15, 2021, 7 am – 6 pm.

What is available during this time:

  • picking up requested library materials at the Circulation Desk (after 8 am)

What are NOT available during this time:

  • searching in the online catalogue (books & media search)
  • request and renewal of materials
  • access to your library account
  • links pointing to catalogued items

During this time, we recommend searching for materials using the Quick Topic Search on the Library homepage.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with the Systems Librarian, Philip Wong (philip.wong@langara.ca).

Library Services

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Booking Library Instruction for Spring 2022!

With our semester back on campus almost behind us, we at the library are looking forward to continuing to support faculty and students with our effective, innovative, and relevant library instruction. We continue to offer a number of options for online and in-person instruction aimed to help your students find and interact with appropriate sources catered specifically to their assignments at hand.

Online, we offer both asynchronous tutorials and synchronous workshops over Zoom. We are also now able to offer interactive tutorials not only in our L108 teaching lab, but are also able to use our flexible classroom L216 thanks to a new set of teaching laptops in the library. If you are interested in learning more about how an information literacy workshop can help your class achieve their assignment goals, please reach out to your liaison librarian.

For more information, see the links and guides below.

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Organization of Information in Libraries – Not As Innocent As You Think

How we organize information is laden with value related to power structures and worldview. Langara Library, as with most academic libraries uses the Library of Congress classification scheme and subject headings to organize our collection, especially books and media materials. The system has an embedded Euro-centric worldview along with its attendant colonial practices. Titles by and about Indigenous peoples are overwhelmingly classed in history and ethnographic studies. For example, most books about Indigenous peoples in Canada are found in the E’s and FC’s call number section under the history of North America. Explicit in this organization is that Indigenous peoples are ‘cultures of the past” for study. Names of tribes in LC also continue to be defined by ethnographic studies rather than names used by the Indigenous peoples themselves. 

So I started a journey back in May of this year to decolonize our book collection, in particular titles about Indigenous art and artists. My starting point was to locate some best practices on changing our descriptive work such as cataloguing and classification and to identify concrete ways to support the Indigenization of the curriculum. Of course, the best journeys, at least those in memorable stories, meander and sometimes never quite arrive at a destination point. But I would like to share some of my stopping points….

You can read about my journey indigenous-art-book-collection-decolonize-project or watch a short presentation

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