A Busy Start of Term for the Library and Learning Commons

The start of the school year has been particularly busy at the Library, with record numbers of visitors coming through our doors. Over September and October, we have seen an influx of almost 20,000 more visitors compared to the same period in 2016. Not surprisingly, there has also been an upswing of student visits at the Writing and Tutoring Centre.

During the months of September and Oct, Subject Tutors saw a dramatic increase of 45% in student visits over the same period last year.  Similarly, the Writing Centre experienced a 25% increase in student visits.

The Learning Commons conducted a survey of students who use the service during a three week promotional campaign at the beginning of the fall semester. The response was very positive:

Writing Centre Statistics

New Furniture in the Library

While the increasing number of students in the Library makes for a lively atmosphere, we have also been managing the resulting space crunch. There are days when not a single empty seat could be found in the Library.

To meet student demand for study space, the Library and Learning Commons installed new partitioned tables for individual study on the 3rd floor quiet study area.  Replaced are general tables that often don’t reach their full capacity in practice.  Overall, students seem pleased with adjustments.

New furniture on 3rd floor of library.


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