LIBR 575 Academic Libraries Guest Lecture-2020

Behind the scenes but out in front

My name is Patricia Cia and I am Director, Academic Innovation at Langara College. If you have questions, feel free to contact me at

Welcome to my online guest lecture for LIBR 575, Academic Libraries.

This module‚Äôs topic of behind the scenes but out in front. It’s divided into short video modules. Some include supplementary readings for those wishing to dive deeper into the topic. I am hoping these will contribute to your learning more about academic libraries.

p.s. Our Communications & Assessment Librarian just posted an article that speaks exactly to the topic of the of the day: Library Services in a Virtual World

Welcome and Introduction

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Library in Transition – Visualizing the Future

This section will focus on building relationships and how Langara Library sets the stage for connecting with the rest of the college.

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Building a Learning Commons

By the end of 2012 our strategic plan was being finalized and we were initiating a major change on the first floor of the library. This tour shows the transition in action as we discuss the role of the library within Langara and the importance of relationships. Although a bit older now, the message still resonates and you can see our physical space in transition

Pulling Back the Curtain

There has been so many great things happening in academic libraries and this section covers a few from Langara Library …

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Reflection (no need to submit)

  • Were you able to see if and how building relationships can be beneficial to students?
  • Would you be interested in working in a college library? Why/why not?
  • Technology plays a large role in this online environment but you do not have to do it all yourself. What is your comfort level and where could you turn?
  • Coming out of COVID-19, how might academic libraries rise use the newer online services to continually improve support to students and instructors? To other library employees?