Introducing the Langara Open Student Scholar Prize

In partnership with Open Langara and the Langara Institutional Repository (The LaIR), this term the Library is pleased to announce the first Open Student Scholar Prize. This prize celebrates the exemplary work being done by our students and offers them an opportunity to share their work in an Open format.

The February 10 to March 6 submission period includes Open Education Week, a global event that raises awareness of practices that encourage open sharing and improved access to scholarship. Langara students engage in many forms of scholarship across all disciplines each term as they complete assignments and course work. We hope to help give their projects life beyond the classroom by making them available to the Langara community and beyond in the LaIR. The LaIR captures unique output from Langara faculty and students in a digital format, and provides a space to share and store scholarly production, from essays to art.

While students can submit their own work to the prize contest, we are asking faculty members who are interested to nominate exemplary projects from their own classes. Nomination by a faculty member will be a bonus category in eligibility criteria for submissions. Nominated projects can be from group or individual assignments, but the students must be currently enrolled in the Spring 2020 semester, and projects cannot be more than two years old (Spring 2018 term cut off).

If you are an instructor interested in nominating student work from one of your classes, simply contact the student and let them know you endorse their submission, should they choose to enter the contest, and provide this link to more info and the entry form:


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