Fair dealing is sweet!

Ever listened to a preview on iTunes? Shared a magazine article with a friend? Used an image from the web in a presentation? If you said yes, you’ve used fair dealing!

February 22-26 marks Fair Dealing Week in Canada (counterpart to Fair Use Week in the U.S.). Fair dealing is a user’s right in the Copyright Act that lets Canadians make use of copyright-protected content¬†without payment or permission for eight purposes:

  • Research
  • Criticism
  • Review
  • Private study
  • Education
  • News reporting
  • Parody
  • Satire

To mark the occasion, join us in the library lobby on Thursday, February 25th from 11:30am-1pm. Our copyright experts will be on hand, answering questions and serving up cupcakes (while supplies last). Try your hand at copyright trivia and enter to win a Starbucks gift card!

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