Forget MOOCs – The Transformative Potential of Open Access.

‘The Real Digital Divide’ 

by Jason Mittell, The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 7, 2013


The current uproar over MOOCs is deafening. It seems that every time you open a newspaper or look at your favorite

blog you stumble upon yet another article screaming the virtues of MOOCs and describing the myriad of ways that

they will redefine the education model as we know it.

In comparison, the arguments for a greater push toward open access are barely a murmur. But, Jason Mittell argues,

that “making the bulk of scholarly research freely available could transform the possibilities of educational uplift,

scientific discovery, and public engagement with academic work.” Given the “bandwidth divide” concerns of the

previous post perhaps open access in the means to revolutionize higher education.

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