Audio/Video Production

Audio & Video Production

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We can guide you through the most appropriate video and audio production processes. Once you have a script in place, we can assist you to record and edit your video or audio production.

Why use our services instead of doing it on your own?

There are several reasons, including high-quality production, experience and expertise, efficient processes, access to talent and resources, creative input, scalability and flexibility, and professional editing and post-production. These benefits can help you create impactful videos that effectively communicate your message and achieve your teaching goals.

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DIY Production

You can also take your videos and audio recordings to the next level by taking advantage of the studio with its professional recording equipment and software including microphones, a podcasting mixing desk, high-quality webcams and access to software such as Camtasia, Audacity and GarageBand. We are always around to provide guidance should you need it. 

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