What is Padlet

Padlet is an online platform that describes itself as “somewhere between a document and a full-fledged website builder.” Users can collaborate on real-time, shared boards by adding and editing posts. They can also add rich multimedia, such as images, links, and documents. Posts can be arranged in various formats to best suit the content, including whiteboards, grids, timelines, and maps. Padlet offers a range of interactive features such as anonymous contributions, comments, and reactions. Benefits of using Padlet include:

• Anonymous posting allows for inclusive participation and can empower students to share ideas.
• Makes learning visible to the instructor.
• Allows the instructor to adjust their level of instruction to fit with students’ current level of learning.
• Responses remain on the Padlet board for future reference and are shared in real-time with the whole class.

Screenshot of Padlet board
A screenshot of a Padlet board.

More Examples

Padlet’s gallery of “stunning examples”.

More Information

Visit our comprehensive review of Padlet in the EdTech Toolbox and the Padlet website.

How to Access Padlet

Email EdTech to request a license. Visit the Langara Padlet login page to login with your Langara account.

This tool is centrally supported by EdTech. Detailed help available on our EdTech Toolbox website. If you require further support, please contact us or visit the Padlet Help website.

Reference Guide (infographic)

Click on the infographic to download our reference guide.

Screenshot of Padlet infographic

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