IP Grades: Ongoing Academic Integrity Investigations and Grade Deadlines
When an instructor suspects an academic integrity violation has occurred near the grade submission deadline, they may be unsure how to proceed when entering a student’s grade while an academic investigation is still underway. The Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity can assist by requesting an IP grade on the student’s transcript.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If an academic integrity investigation is underway during the grade deadline, instructors should not enter a grade of F, U, or N as the student’s final grade, unless the student has failed the course independently of their academic integrity case. The explanation for this direction can be found below.

An IP grade stands for “In Progress”. This notation indicates that the student’s final grade has not yet been entered, and that the final grade is still being determined.

An IP grade acts as a placeholder pending an investigation outcome. This notation is necessary as it prevents negative impacts on the student’s CGPA and academic standing. Entering an F, U, or N grade could potentially cause a student to be placed on academic probation or suspension, even though the investigation outcome has not been finalized. A suspension status will also cause the student to be dropped from all of their registered and waitlisted courses for the next semester.

The IP grade also ensures less confusion for students. Rather than having a presumptive grade on their transcript which may change, there is a clear transition from an IP grade to their decided letter grade after the outcome has been finalized.

N, U, or F letter grades should not be applied in place of an IP letter grade unless the student has failed the course independently of their academic integrity case. N, U, or F letter grades can have lasting impacts on a student’s registration, GPA, graduation, or post-graduate work permit.

An N grade is entered when a student ceases to attend to participate in the course work after the final withdrawal date of the semester or does not write the final exam. An N grade is still included in the student’s GPA, and incorporates a GPA of 0.00 for that student’s course similar to an F grade, negatively affecting the student’s GPA.

Although U grades do not impact GPA, they could cause a student to be placed on probation/suspension as well.

Details on these grades, and their effects on student GPAs, can be found HERE

Instructors can request an IP grade for a student or multiple students by completing the IP Grade Request online form. This information will be sent to SCAI, who will then contact RES who will place an IP grade for the student in the course in question.

Instructors can request IP grades for multiple students on the same form. 

Instructors will be CC’d on Decision Letters that are sent to students, once their case has been decided. The Decision Letter will include the sanctions that have been applied to the student’s case. Once the Decision Letter has been sent, the instructor is required to submit the student’s final grade reflecting the sanction(s) to SCAI by the established deadline.

The instructor can submit the student’s final grade by sending a Mark Change Request Form to Registrar and Enrolment Services noting the final grade that reflects the sanction(s) that have been applied in the student’s case. The form requires Department Chair, Division Chair, or Dean approval. 

The Mark Change Request form must be submitted within the first month of the following semester.

Academic Integrity Violation Reported

Deadline to Submit Final Grade to RES

Fall 2020

January 31, 2021

Spring 2021

May 31, 2021

Summer 2021

September 30, 2021

Fall 2021

January 31, 2022

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Timely grade submission is the responsibility of all instructors and is a fundamental commitment to our students. It will enable students to make appropriate course selections for the next semester, and can also reduce student queries about their grade status.

Regardless of absences or non-instructional leaves, faculty are responsible for ensuring that the final grade is submitted by the established deadline. This may mean that Instructors need to make arrangements with their Department or Division Chair to submit the final grade on their behalf.

No, the instructor can still submit a final grade or IP grade. Appeals are managed by the Office of Associate Vice President, Students (AVPS). If a successful academic integrity appeal is submitted to the college, then the Office of AVPS will manage any changes to the student’s grade and/or records.

No, the instructor should still submit a final grade. Education sanctions are managed by the Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity. The office tracks completion of those sanctions and applies additional sanctions separate from student grades (such as holds on the student’s registration) should these sanction requirements remain incomplete.

We know the presence of an IP grade may lead students to contact their instructors with questions or concerns. If a student has contacted you to inquire or request a change to their IP grade, you may forward their inquiries to the Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity.

The office can provide information related to their case, when they may expect their final grade on their student record, and remind students that they have been instructed not to contact their instructors regarding their academic integrity case.