Academic Integrity Advisory Committee
The Langara College Academic Integrity Advisory Committee serves to advise the College on matters related to the promotion and practice of Academic Integrity across the College. It will provides guidance, coordination and support to Departments, Divisions and Programs in developing or implementing innovative prevention, management and compliance strategies that foster a culture of academic integrity among our students.

Recent initiatives and activities include:

Maggie Ross (Co-Chair)
Director, Student Conduct & Academic Integrity

Jim Bowers (Co-Chair)
Division Chair, Community Programs

Gerda Krause
Dean, Faculty of Science

Elizabeth Barbeau
Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences and Community Programs 

Marianne Gianacopoulos
Division Chair, Management Programs

Tess MacMillan
Division Chair, Humanities

Lenke Sifkovits
Director, Extended Learning for Continuing Studies

Pauline Graves Aylward
Instructor, Business Management & International Business

Shelley-Anne Vidal
Instructor, Co-op & Career Development Centre 

Frances Wintjes Clarke
Instructor, TCDC

Allison Sullivan
Librarian, Library Services

Donna Rainford-Cayenne
Ombudsperson, Langara Students Union

Jennifer Cheddie
Student Conduct Officer, Student Conduct & Academic Integrity

Erin Hagen
Student Conduct Officer, Student Conduct & Academic Integrity