Teaching & Learning Tools

Listed below are a few tools you can use to enhance learning opportunities for your students. For more suggestions and ideas on how to integrate technology into your course to improve learning, please contact EdTech at 604-323-5403 or edtech@langara.ca. 

Free Interactive Quiz Generator

Start your next class with a fun, interactive quiz to see how well your students are understanding course content and assigned reading homework with Kahoot! https://kahoot.com/what-is-kahoot/

Mind Mapping Tools

Do you ever find your students have a difficult time understanding how concepts, ideas, processes, or events related to each other? Do you want to help them be able to make these types of connections? Try asking them to complete a mind map: https://elearningindustry.com/6-best-mind-mapping-tools-creative-students

Brainstorming Tool

Your students can’t seem to take their eyes off of their digital devices, so why not incorporate them into your learning activities. If you often ask your students to brainstorm ideas in class or for homework, try introducing a fun online tool that captures and helps organize student ideas. https://stormboard.com/

Free Bingo Cards Generator

Do you want to create bingo cards for use in the classroom? Try this free online bingo card generator: http://print-bingo.com/.

Free Crossword Generator

Do you want to create a fun crossword to help students review new vocabulary and concepts? Try this free online crossword generator: http://www.eclipsecrossword.com/