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TCDC and EdTech offer workshops, webinars and resources for designing and building your online and hybrid courses.


Online Course Design and Delivery at Langara

Designing and delivering an online course has similarities to designing and teaching a face-to-face course, but online courses require some unique considerations and decisions to create a meaningful learning experience. In this 5-day course, you will learn how to put a course online and engage students through effective teaching strategies and practices. You will also experience from a student’s perspective what online learning entails.

Upon completion of the course, you should be able to: 

  • select assessments, activities, and content that align with your course learning outcomes; 
  • list multiple ways to foster and support online student engagement; 
  • use Langara-supported forms of technology for teaching and learning online; 
  • contribute to and participate in online discussion forums; 
  • plan your online course in order to build your course(s) in Brightspace; and 
  • articulate several effective online teaching practices.

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EdTech and TCDC Resources

Brief Instructor’s Guide and Checklist: This checklist offers an approach to building a course in Brightspace with a timeline for guidance in planning.  

Brightspace Instructor Template

Contact to access a template course with prebuilt modules and book a consultation with an EdTech Advisor.

External Resources 

Oregan State University

Ecampus Essentials: research-based standards used at OSU to design online and hybrid courses, based on the Quality Matters Higher Education Rubric (6th Edition). 

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